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1975 Fender Telecaster Custom Black


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 - Important notes: Just like the one Keith Richards and Chris Stapleton played...  here we have a beautiful, light weight (only 7.5 LB), 1975 Fender Telecaster Custom finished in original Black! All original save for 2 replaced pots and the guitar had a different pickguard on at one point in its life hence why there a couple extra screw holes under the original pickguard (that is now back on the guitar).

- Finish: Black, all original

- Date(s): 1975 (neck dated 1975, pots dated 52nd week of 1973, pickup date 1974, late 74' 532XXX serial number)

- Body Material: Alder

- Neck Material: Maple

- Fretboard Material: Maple

- Weight: 7.5 LB

- Electronics: All original save for 2 pots and cap

- Hardware & Plastics: All original

- Included: hard shell Fender flight case!

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