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Founded by Philippe and Roman out of Montreal, Quebec, Tone Brothers is Canada's largest vintage musical instrument webstore. Built on the principles of fair prices, honest descriptions and flexible consignment terms, the Tone Brothers are here to:

  1. Help their clients and friends buy and sell vintage instruments.
  2. Display and expand their own collection of vintage pieces – with an open mind to potential trade offers.

Tone Brothers can afford to pay top dollar for instruments in cash, and they are happy to reach into their own pocket to make their clients more $$$ on every item consigned with them.

As fellow gear addicts themselves, they are passionate musicians first, and dealers second.

Philippe, an audio engineer by trade, has been a vintage guitar collector and dealer since 1995 when he founded his first guitar store, Otoban Music.

Roman, on the other hand, has only been alive since 1995… with that said, he, too, has spent most of his life collecting and geeking over vintage guitars. Like Philippe, he is is driven to make sure his generation of 20-something year-olds cares about vintage guitars just as much as the last few.

Whether it’s mint real deal “bursts”, every narrow panel Tweed amp you can imagine, Blackguards, pre-war Martins, custom colour pre-CBS Strats… you name it; they probably either own them or have sold a few of them over the years.

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Tone Brothers Philippe and Roman at Elmira Vintage Guitar Show in 2023