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1966 Fender Vibro-Champ Blackface

$2,195 USD | ON HOLD

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     • Important notes: a VERY clean, all original (save for a partial recap and 3-prong, originals included on the side) 1966 Fender Vibro-Champ amp! It comes with its original vinyl Victora cover, original caps, original footswitch (rare), and original 2-prong cable! Even the RCA tubes are original mid-1965! Works perfectly and sounds great.

     • Date(s): 1966 (speaker dated 13th week of 1966, transformers dated 39th week and 43rd week of 1966, pots dated 33rd and 22nd week of 1966)

     • Finish: All original

     • Hardware: All original (including rare original footswitch)

     • Electronics: All original (4 caps and 2-prong were taken out as a standard precaution and are included on the side)

     • Included: original footswitch, original RCA tubes, original caps, original 2-prong cable, original vinyl cover!

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