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1957 Gibson GA-55V Two-Tone

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     • Important notes: a "unicorn" amp, less than 500 were ever produced from 1955 to 1958 (only 167 were made in this white and black two-tone colour scheme in 1957 and 1958). This is Gibson's version of the fabled Tweed Twin; the GA-55V (V for on-board Vibrato) from 1958, loaded with 2 original 12" Jensen speakers. The amp is all original save for re-cap, 3-prong cable, handle, and a vibrato footswitch added to the back panel.

     • Date(s): mid-1957, speakers dated 8th week of 1957, pots dated 24th week of 1957

     • Finish: All original, two-tone

     • Hardware: All original save for handle, vibrato footswitch added to the back panel

     • Electronics: All original save for recap, 3-prong

     • Included: amazing tone!

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