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1955 Fender Pro 5E5 Tweed


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• Important notes: this is Roman's (the younger Tone Brother) favourite amp! An original, mojo-luscious, very rare 5E5-circuit tweed Pro (it's estimated less than 40 were produced). The 5E5 was produced for only a couple of months starting in Spring 1955. It sounds nothing like the 5E5-A fixed-bias variant that appears in the fall of 55' (which is pretty much identical to the 5F4 Super and 5E7 Bandmaster circuit-wise). The 5E5 is instead almost identical circuit-wise to the fabled 5E3 Deluxe, EXCEPT it has 6L6's tubes, is more clear, has more power and pushes more air. The 5E5 does NOT sound like you're playing through a 15" Jensen, the breakup tone is very similar to the 5E3 (which uses a 12" P12R speaker), smooth and cutting. FUN FACT: the 5E5 actually pre-dates the 5E3... so technically you could say that the 5E3 is based on the 5E5 and not the other way around. This one is serial # S00091, but it is NOT the 91st 5E5 Pro; this is because the Pro, Bandmaster and Super all shared the same chassis serial number codes SXXXXXX. We also own another 1955 Pro serial # S00127. Though it's only a handful of serial numbers away from this one, S00127 is the later 5E5-A fixed bias vaiant. Based on this we estimate that less than 127 Pros, Bandmasters and Supers were produced before the 5E5 variant was discontinued; if a third of those amps were Pros, then only around ~40 were ever made! How can you instantly tell if a Pro is a 5E5 vs a 5E5-A? Simply look at the knobs; if the amp has 3 knobs (like a 5E3 Deluxe), it's a 5E5, if it has 5, it's a 5E5-A.

• Date(s): tube chart dated May, 1955. The original P15N Jensen is dated 6th week of 1955. Serial number # S00091

• Finish: Tweed, original (though at one point the original owner, who gigged the heck out of this amp by the way, covered the edges of the amp in Vinyl, which was removed as you can see in the photos)

• Hardware: All original to the handle

• Electronics: All original save for 3-prong and a couple caps for safety

• Included: according to Roman (the younger Tone Brother), the greatest Tweed tone known to man!

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